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Understanding your needs

As a real estate broker and photographer I know how to capture the visual qualities that will sell a property. That, coupled with the right equipment and know-how to produce high-quality images, enables me to provide you with the marketing materials that will sell your properties.

Quality images of your listings tell your seller that you only want to produce the best marketing materials for their home. Those images tell potential buyers what they need as well—the details about the property that they are most interested in.

What I offer

I will take photos of your listings, produce color flyers for placement inside the home, and produce a virtual tour for online viewing.

Tours include virtual 360 images, still images, property info, link to map, and directional compass showing house postion in relation to North

I am usually able to give 24-hour turnaround on photos and 24- to 48-hour turnaround on color flyers and virtual tours.

I am a member of the Raleigh/Wake Board of Realtors and can set appointments through Centralized Showing and SentriLock Access, therefore, taking up less of your time.

What is Virtual Tour?

Virtual Tours are only limited by your imagination! Now you can have graphically rich tours containing 360 panoramic images, photos, slideshows and animations, complete with virtual walkthrough and interactive floor plan functionality.

Not just a virtual tour...
The virtual tour is more than just an online still image slide show. It can incorporate 360 images, still images, floor plans, and multiple pages to highlight not only your listing but the neighborhood and community amenities as well.

Your seller will be impressed with the way the virtual tour immerses visitors within their property, allowing them to tour the home in several different ways. As they tour they can click on "hot links" to view a still image or walk into another room. Viewing the "virtual movie" plays a complete tour of the home including 3D images and still photos. Photos are highlighted with descriptive text to further enhance the tour.

All tours created by 360DigitalPics and powered by RTV (www.Realtourvision.com)

How to get started

Just give me a call or send me an e-mail. Provide the MLS number and your customer's name and phone number, and I’ll take it from there. In just a day or two you’ll have high-quality digital images, color brochures, and virtual tour brochures.



Robert Harvey
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